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Drivers losing millions of pounds a year in 'ghost' tax

Car tax disc

The DVLA’s decision to block transfers of unused road tax when cars are sold is generating millions of pounds in extra revenue – at motorists’ expense.

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Can I drive someone else’s car?

A woman driving a car
Think you're insured to drive other cars? We explain why your car insurance might not cover you.  Read More…

7 crazy car insurance claims

Dog with sat nav by Mark Robinson
From flying cows to stowaway sheep, here are seven of the craziest car insurance claims ever.  Read More…

Car review: Volvo V60 Hybrid

Volvo V60 hybrid

Considering a change from your usual prestige motor? You could do a lot worse than the ultra economical V60 Hybrid, writes motoring journalist Tim Barnes-Clay.

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Car review: 2015 Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

On sale in Europe for the first time ever, will the new Ford Mustang delight its fans this side of the pond? Motoring journalist Tim Barnes-Clay finds out.

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Would you lie to get cheaper car insurance?

A  dishonest policyholder
Thinking of telling a white lie to save a few quid on your car insurance? We show you how it could end up costing you dearly.  Read More…

How to add a driver to your policy

Adding a driver to the policy
Thinking of adding another driver to your car? Here's all you need to know.  Read More…

No claims bonus explained

Two cars and coins
We explain what a no claims bonus is, how to build it, and how it affects your car insurance premium.  Read More…

Car insurance traps to avoid

it's a trap
You might know everything there is to know about your car but are you au fait with the finer details of your insurance policy?  Read More…

How to complain about your insurance provider

rich men meme
Hopefully you won’t have any problems with your insurance company, but if you do, you can follow these simple steps to get a fair resolution.  Read More…