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Car insurance articles


How to keep your kids happy on the road

Child crying in the car
Four words every driver dreads: “Are we there yet?” To keep you sane during long journeys, here’s a few ”keep-‘em-busy” tactics.  Read More…

Car review: Audi A8

Audi R8
"The A8’s cabin is sophisticated and sturdily built and the car is rapid, whichever model you opt for."  Read More…

Car review: New Ford Focus

Ford Focus
"The black satin trim and chrome detailing contribute to a cleaner, more contemporary look."  Read More…

Common driving law myths busted

Man with magnifying glass busting myths
We debunk commonly held myths concerning car insurance and motor safety.  Read More…

Are parking charges killing our high streets?

Parking sign
Parking restrictions in town centres puts local businesses at risk.  Read More…

How to fight your parking fine

Parking sign
Ever had a parking ticket that you felt was unfair? Here's what you need to do.  Read More…

Motoring conviction codes

Speed camera
Confused by the motoring conviction codes and how many points they confer? Here's the complete list.  Read More…

Would you park on a stranger's drive?

  •  23 Jul, 2015  
Parking on a stranger's drive
What would you do if you came home to find someone else's car on your driveway?  Read More…

Avoid these holiday motoring traps

Are you spending part of your holiday behind the wheel? A little knowledge may spare you some unpleasant surprises  Read More…

How new road tax rules could affect you

Traffic on UK motorway
A new system of vehicle excise duty will lead to a simpler, more streamlined system.  Read More…