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Avoid these holiday motoring traps

Car on a map

Break the speed limit on your travels and your vehicle could be confiscated. We look Europe’s strict driving laws and what you need to be aware of so you don't end up with a fine or points on your licence.

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Diesel drivers getting raw deal on pump prices

Petrol pump

The wholesale cost of diesel is falling in response to increased production in the Middle East – but retailers are refusing to pass on the benefits to drivers.

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7 very important facts about car insurance prices

CIPI Q2 2015 teaser

Car insurance prices are a-changing, but what does it all mean for you?

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Car insurance prices on the up ☹

A blue car driving in the countryside
What should you be paying for car insurance? Find out if your costs should be going up or down in the latest price index.  Read More…

28 reasons why Britain is the weirdest place to drive

Doll abandoned on a roundabout
From giant octopodes blocking traffic to dogs driving tractors on the motorway. Here's the proof that Blighty's roads are proper strange.  Read More…

Holiday car hire: Watch out for these pitfalls

Parents taking children on road trip abroad

A change to how drivers’ points and convictions are recorded is just one of pitfalls to be aware of when hiring a car on holiday.

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Car review: VW Passat SE Business 1.6 TDI 120PS (7 Speed DSG)

VW Passat

Winner of the European Car of the Year 2015, the economical and classy VW Passat makes an excellent company or family car, writes reviewer Tim Barnes-Clay.

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11 strange driving laws around the world

dalek sign
Driving abroad can be tricky as it is but these strange driving laws will leave you scratching your head.  Read More…

First conviction over middle-lane driving

Traffic on UK motorway

A van driver from the North-west has become the first person to be convicted under new anti-social driving legislation. But is the law having the desired effect?

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Secondhand cars: Could you bag a bargain with a write-off?

Car accident

Many vehicles that have been written off can still be repaired and put back on the road. But potential buyers need to do their homework to avoid being ripped off.

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