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7 quick facts about your car insurance prices

7 facts about car insurance - teaser
Car insurance prices are on the rise once again. Here are seven things you should know.  Read More…

Car review: DS5

"A handsome looking car with lots of road presence."  Read More…

Car review: All-new Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF
"The specification levels of the new XF are lavish."  Read More…

Why do car parks pack in so many spaces?

Car park
If you struggle to get your vehicle in and out of tiny parking spaces, you’re not alone.  Read More…

13 hilarious notes left on cars

badly parked car
It’s like leaving an anonymous comment, in real life!  Read More…

Pothole epidemic named as motorists’ biggest bugbear

Damaged road full of potholes

Crumbling, pothole-strewn roads have become the biggest problem for the UK’s drivers. Campaigners say the government needs to invest more in maintenance and repair.

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Ministers plan crackdown on unnecessary road signs

Road work signs

Unnecessary and confusing signs make roadsides look ugly and can even increase the risk of accidents. The Department for Transport is planning a big clean-up.

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New anti-smoking laws: How motorists are affected

Cigarette close-up

Legislation is shortly due to come into effect in England and Wales that will ban drivers or their passengers from smoking in the presence of minors.

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Driving in Ireland

Roadside in Ireland
Want a taste of the continent without straying too far from home? The Emerald Isle is the place for you.  Read More…

Driving in the Netherlands

Windmills in the Netherlands
Planing a drive in Holland? Stay legal and safe with our handy guide.  Read More…