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How to keep your kids happy on the road

Girl crying in the car
Worried you won’t be able to keep the children entertained on your next long car journey? We've got you covered.  Read More…

Car review: Audi A8

Audi A8

Powerful, sophisticated and loaded with a host of awesome tech, the Audi A8 delivers a luxurious driving experience, writes reviewer Tim Barnes-Clay.

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Car review: New Ford Focus

Ford Focus

With bundles of safety tech, combined with enriched handling and steering, the new Focus is hard to beat when it comes to British family motoring, writes reviewer Tim Barnes-Clay.

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A dishonest insurer

Is it illegal to drive with fog lights when it's not foggy? Can you use your mobile when your car's stationary? These and more myths checked here.

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Are parking charges killing our high streets?

Car parking pay here sign

After vandals destroyed pay-and-display machines in a Welsh town, shoppers returned and local businesses boomed. So should restrictions be permanently removed?

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How to fight your parking fine

Car parking sign
Ever had a parking ticket that you felt was unfair? Here's what you need to do.  Read More…

Motoring conviction codes

Speed camera
A comprehensive list of conviction codes for motoring offences within the UK.  Read More…

Would you park on a stranger's drive?

Car parked on drivway
What would you do if you came home to find someone else's car on your driveway?  Read More…

How to react to emergency vehicles on the road


If the emergency services need to get past your car to reach the scene of an accident, you need to be prepared to act quickly and sensibly, says Tim Barnes-Clay.

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How new road tax rules could affect you

Heavy traffic moving at speed on motorway

A new system of vehicle excise duty will lead to a simpler, more streamlined system – but many low-emission cars will no longer be exempt from the tax.

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