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Would you drive a branded car?

A car with branding

Most people would drive a heavily branded car if it meant cheaper insurance, a new poll suggests.

Almost three quarters of motorists - 72 per cent - said they would consider driving essentially an advert on wheels in return for a reduction on their car insurance.

However, only 15 per cent said they would definitely commit to driving a branded car.

The rest would weigh up factors such as the size of the discount and the brands chosen.

Motorists name their price polled 2,000 adults and asked them to choose a statement which best described their view on driving a branded car.

Around 15 per cent stated that because their car insurance was too expensive, they'd be happy to get a discount by any means.

A further 27 per cent effectively said "Show me the money", stating that it would entirely depend on the discount offered.

On average, those polled thought that a discount of just under 50 per cent on their premium seemed a fair price.

Some were more concerned about who they'd be representing as 18 per cent said the most important factor was the brand being advertised.

Other ways to find cheap car insurance

Gemma Stanbury, head of car insurance at, says: "Many people find it difficult to pay their insurance premiums, which are rising year on year.

"It's interesting what they would consider doing in order to reduce them.

"Motorists can, of course, reduce their premiums without having to resort to advertising.

"They could still save money by shopping around to compare car insurance prices.

Young drivers more open to advertising

The most marked difference in attitude was between older and younger motorists.

Of motorists aged 18 to 24, 25 per cent said they would definitely drive a car branded with adverts, as opposed to only 10 per cent of those over 55.

At the other end of the scale, 17 per cent of motorists in the younger age bracket flat out refused to drive such a vehicle.

But among those aged over 55, more than twice as many refused, with 38 per cent unwilling to consider advertising.

Happiest to advertise soft drinks

Of the types of brands presented, those polled were keenest to advertise soft drinks on average.

Around 61 per cent said they were happy to have drinks brands plastered on their car.

Brits were least keen to advertise condoms and feminine care products, at 21 and 22 per cent respectively, presumably due to the embarrassment factor.
Outside of the swimsuit area, alcoholic drinks manufacturers had the least support from the public, with only  39 per cent saying they'd be happy to advertise booze.

Not everyone has a price

Some of the reasons given by those who would turn down driving an advert on wheels were:

  • 7 per cent wouldn't wish their pride and joy to be spoilt by adverts
  • 4 per cent thought it unnecessary, as their insurance was already reasonably priced
  • 13 per cent simply would not be bought

Expanding on their answers, one of those polled said: "It's like selling your body to the corporate world – no thank you".

Another was concerned about no longer being able to drive the car if the company in question became embroiled in scandal.

A few expressed concern about whether the adverts would distract other motorists and potentially cause accidents.

And a couple of those polled claimed they would simply be too embarrassed.

What do you think?

Would you drive a car covered in advertising?

We want to hear from you! You can share your views on the message board below.

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