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Top 10 used cars that will hold their value in 2014

In the market for a new-to-you car? We list the 10 motors expected to hold their value in 2014.

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Cars are notorious for plummeting in value the moment you drive them off the forecourt.

To this end, it makes sense to think of buying a car in terms of its value over time and not just the purchase price.   

So we teamed up with used car specialists to find out which car makes and models are holding their value and worth splashing your hard earned cash on.

German cars hold their value best

Dermot Kelleher is director of marketing and business intelligence at

He says: "The supermini and mini-hatchback classes tend to hold their value, with the Volkswagen Golf continuing to perform incredibly well 40 years after it was first launched.

"Indeed, the perception of quality around German engineering has obviously played a part in ensuring that brands like Audi, Mercedes-Benz and VW all feature in the 10 best performing cars when it comes to residual values.

"However, there is still room for niche vehicles in the top ten, with the now-seven-year-old Fiat 500 delivering strong returns and the unique Nissan Juke also featuring well."

Top 10 used cars that will hold their value in 2014



Original price

Used price


1. Audi

A3 £20,530 £14,231            -31%                     

2. Mercedes-Benz    

E Class       £31,740                    £21,852 -31%

3. Nissan

Juke £15,195 £10,444 -31%

4. Fiat

500 £11,360 £7,657 -33%

5. Audi

A4 £26,555 £17,112 -36%

6. Mercedes-Benz

C Class £29,365 £17,787 -39%

7. Volkswagen

Golf £20,055 £11,610 -42%

8. Volkswagen

Polo £14,585 £8,231 -44%


Leon £18,490 £10,268 -44%

10. Peugeot

207 £12,350 £6,826 -45%

How we worked it out

  • identified the most popular vehicles on its site in July 2014
  • Taking an average/mid-range version of each of these vehicles, we looked at the price to buy new in September 2013 
  • We then looked at the average sale price of a 2011 version of that make and model to get a feel for how much the car was worth two years later versus the list price

What to think about when buying a car 

Kelleher adds: "When it comes to picking your next car there are many factors to take into account, with fuel economy and car insurance costs playing a large role. 

"It is no coincidence that some of the cars which hold their value well are also some of the most fuel-efficient and cost-effective.

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