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The ugliest cars as voted by you

Motoring journalist Rob Griffin looks at the ugliest cars ever to have graced our roads as voted by’s readers.

It’s fair to say that the last article I wrote about the world’s ugliest cars provoked a fierce reaction from readers!

While some agreed with me, others mounted a vociferous defence of my selections particularly with regards to the Ford Ka and Fiat Multipla.

In fact, we had such a response that we have decided to showcase the cars that you believe are the ugliest to have rolled off the production line.

There are certainly some worthy contenders in this second list but there are others that are likely to raise a few eyebrows.

SsangYong Rodius

The SsangYong Rodius (pictured above and left) is a clear winner – if that’s an honour when ugliness is being championed.

The most charitable opinion of this affordable seven-seater was that it looked like someone had “welded a conservatory on the back”.

A more cutting analysis, however, insisted the design was so wrong it almost beggared belief: "It looks as though it was designed by two completely different teams, sitting in different countries, in the dark, and working to separate briefs."

To be fair it’s hard to disagree. The rear end of the car is bizarre, bordering on the ludicrous. On the plus side at least you’ll get noticed.

Range Rover Evoque

How people can think this is ugly astounds me as I think it’s by far the sleekest, sportiest looking Range Rover ever built.

It’s very modern-looking, far more distinctive than rivals such as the BMW X3, with a slender rear end and the impression of having been given a roof-chop, a popular technique within the hot rod community.

However, readers seem to disagree, branding it "impractical and hideous", "wrong on so many levels", and "built to satisfy a few misguided posers".

Ford Scorpio

Another contender worthy of its place on the list of shame is the second generation Ford Scorpio, arguably the most undesirable executive vehicle ever designed.

The front lights are the same shape as the indentation left when you press your thumb into play dough, while those at the rear are trying to look futuristic but fail miserably.

One reader insisted the whole package was "embarrassing to look at and more embarrassing to be in".

Austin Allegro

We’re putting on our tin hats for the torrent of abuse likely to come our way courtesy of passionate Allegro owners.

But many readers are obviously not fans of the little car that was a common sight in the 1970s and 1980s.

One was adamant it had always been the worst looking car around, going on to compare it to a “squashed hedgehog”.

In its defence it was certainly unique and quirky features such as its rectangular steering wheel with rounded sides set it apart.

Nissan Micra

None of the Micra incarnations have been famed for their beauty although Top Gear has pointed out that a "strangely indifferent new look" has been given to what it suggests was once an "enjoyably distinctive car".

It’s a fair point. The now ubiquitous rounded look makes it instantly forgettable.

See it on the road and it could be any one of the new generation of small, city cars that are little more than shopping baskets on wheels.

Our readers are even less charitable. "Any model of the Nissan Micra is hideous," blasted one. "Consistently ugly and now they’re not even that small."

…and the other contenders

While we have given a more detailed write-up to the most commonly mentioned names there were plenty of others that almost made this list.

In no particular order we have the new VW Beetle, the Aston Martin Lagonda, Morris Ital, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Trabant, Toyota Prius, Hillman Imp, Sunbeam Alpine and the AMC Pacer.

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Austin Allegro: Giles Chapman collection


Rob Griffin

Rob Griffin

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