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Sat nav blackspots: Your tales

A sat nav system inside a carWe asked you to tell us about your sat nav blackspots and you answered.

Handy as sat navs are, it seems they sometimes have their own sense of direction.’s exclusive research revealed that misleading directions from sat navs have caused more than £203m worth of damage to drivers on UK roads in the past year.

Of those polled, 83 per cent admitted to having been misled by their sat nav.

While nearly half – 45 per cent – say that  sat nav mistakes result in anger and frustration behind the wheel.

A national problem

Scots seem to be most regularly misled by sat navs,  with 80 per cent of them complaining of being given wrong directions.

In terms of getting verbal with their sat navs, those from the East Midlands fared the worst, with 57 per cent admitting to shouting at their device.

The Welsh coastal town of Aberystwyth however, that was the worst overall for sat nav anger management, with 75 per cent of those asked regularly losing their temper.

The blackspot map

In an effort to raise awareness of sat nav blackspots around the UK, we created an interactive sat nav blackspot map.

On the map, you can report areas where you have experienced problems with your sat nav.

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at, says: “Our research has shown that the sat nav is the not always the blessing it was once hailed to be.

“Increasingly, motorists seem to be citing the device as a source of frustration and danger.

“We hope our sat nav blackspot map will not only help reduce risk, but we also hope that frustrated drivers get back behind the wheel a little happier.”

Your responses

We thought we’d share with you some of the best -or should that be worst - blackspot reports we’ve had so far.

  • A frustrated driver complains that sat navs can’t find Kingsbarn Close in Preston. “No sat nav system or route planner can find this Close despite it being a good few years old. Sat navs direct you down a country lane instead – scenic but not useful!”
  • Worryingly, another user reports that their sat nav took them down a dangerously incorrect route as they were trying to get back on the A38 towards Plymouth. “My Garmin Nuvi directed me down a very narrow, partially un-made, single track lane instead of continuing on for half a mile to the main road.”
  • One user reported a serious fault with their Tom Tom near Thorns Copse in the New Forest, close to the town of Lymington. “It kept rotating the map every 10 seconds – very frustrating.”

You can see all of the reports on our sat nav blackspot map.

Send in your sat nav failures

We know that people have frustrating problems with their sat navs every day, so if that’s you, make sure you upload the location and nature of your problem on our sat nav blackspot map.

Include what type of sat nav system you’re using.