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Drivers clueless at car maintenance

Woman checks car bonnetSimple do-it-yourself roadside repair skills are becoming a lost art as almost half of all drivers no longer know how to top up the oil in their car.

More than one in three - 37 per cent - of drivers blamed their motor repair ineptitude on having never been shown how to do it.

And a third of the 2,000 drivers surveyed in the Co-operative Motor Group poll said it was up to garages to carry out car maintenance.

Worryingly, two out of five drivers admitted not being able to change a car tyre while one in seven said they don’t know how to open the bonnet of their car.

Simple tasks, like topping up windscreen washer fluid, remain a mystery to one in six drivers.

Bemused by modern motoring

Tony Guest, managing director at Co-operative Motor Group, said: "Many drivers feel bemused by even the most simple elements of modern motoring.

"They admit to being unable to perform tasks that can be the difference between keeping a car running safely and without major expense, and spending hours waiting for roadside recovery."

But despite being clueless when it comes to car repairs, further research shows that motorists are happy to drive without breakdown cover.

Broken-down motorists

Nearly 50 per cent of 3,00 men and women polled by Co-operative Insurance have had a breakdown in their current vehicle.

But almost a quarter - 22 per cent - don't have breakdown cover and instead rely on good Samaritans to help them out.

Tony Guest said: "Breaking down can be a stressful event for motorists.

"With the current cold snap motorists would be advised to check that they have adequate breakdown cover to make sure they can get assistance in case the worst happens."

We're here to help! Watch our short video guide on basic car maintenance to help you keep your vehicle in tip-top condition:

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