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Top five fuel-saving tips

Whatever the cost of filling up your car, it makes sense to get into some good habits so you don’t spend more than you have to. Here are five top tips from

Pumping fuel at petrol station

1. Drive more efficiently

You can use less fuel by driving more efficiently.

Accelerate gradually, don't exceed 3,000 revs per minute, avoid braking sharply and drive in the highest gear possible without labouring the engine.

This will all help to reduce your fuel consumption.

Turning off your engine when you are idle for long periods of time is also an easy way to save on fuel.

2. Make your car more efficient

You can reduce fuel consumption by removing excess weight from your car.

You can do this by removing your roof rack when you aren't using it and disposing of any rubbish.

You should also make sure your tyres are pumped up to the correct pressure, your air conditioning is turned off on short journeys and you keep your windows closed on motorways.

3. Plan ahead

Before setting off on a journey, try and plan when you will need to refuel and where you will go to do so. 

This should help you to avoid letting your fuel run low as it may result in you panic-buying at the nearest, most expensive station.

4. Use fuel vouchers and cashback cards

Supermarkets often compete to try and encourage you to use their station, so look out for vouchers that give you money off your fuel spending and use them when you fill up.

In addition, some credit cards offer cashback deals on your fuel spending.

For example, you can earn 3 per cent cashback at the pumps when using the Santander 123 credit card, up to a spend of £300 per month. 

5. Compare prices to find the cheapest petrol stations

Comparison site allows you to check the price of fuel in your postcode and find the cheapest station.

The website has petrol prices for almost 11,000 stations in the UK.

It also receives approximately 8,000 daily updates, which should ensure you're getting the best deals out there.

Fuel price calculator

We've come up with a handy fuel price calculator so you can work out how much it will cost you to fill up your motor.

And for more fuel-saving tips, have a look at our infographic below to get the most bang for your buck every time you fill up.

Simply click on the image to make it bigger.

Gas saving tips infographic

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