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Excess protection from could save you money

Model car on coin is now offering excess protection on your car, van or motorbike insurance policy, and it could save you money. 

Young drivers in particular, can benefit from taking out an excess protection policy.

It is well known that having a higher voluntary excess can cut your car insurance premium.

Excess protection allows you to insure this higher excess.

So if you need to make a car insurance claim and have to pay your excess, you can seek reimbursement from you excess protection policy.

Alex Higgs, excess protection expert at, says: “Excess protection can be invaluable as it allows customers more flexibility in increasing their excess to reduce premiums.”

How excess protection can save you money

To get a better idea about how excess protection works and how it can save you money, take a look at the table below:

Driver 1

Driver 2

No excess protection cover

Has excess protection cover

Excess protection



Policy excess opted for



Policy premium



Total paid



From these examples, you can see how raising your excess and opting to cover it could mean you pay less on the upfront cost of your insurance.

When excess cover kicks in

So you’ve saved money on your car insurance premium, but what happens down the line if you need to make a claim?

If the value of damage done to your vehicle is more than your excess, you’re probably going to be making a claim on your insurance.

Excess protection exceptions

Excess protection only kicks in if the value of a claim is equal to or more than your excess.

For example, Mr. Smith opts for a £500 excess with excess protection, rather than £250 without it and saves on his premium.

He has an accident and decides to claim, even though the damages of £350 amount to less than his excess.

The excess cover therefore does not kick in and he has to pay £350 rather than £250 without reimbursement.

But with the average UK claim value being £2,038*, this is unlikely to be a concern for most people.

Paying your excess

Whether you have excess protection or not, if you make a car insurance claim, initially you will be required to pay your insurer the full excess amount you opted for when you bought the policy.

Because of this, all drivers, particularly young drivers, should consider whether they could afford to pay the higher voluntary excess in the first place, even if you are going to be eventually refunded by your excess protection policy.

Find out more and compare quotes for excess protection.

*Average claim value based on a vehicle valued at between £0 and £16,000.