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Yorkshire drivers best in UK

Busy motorwayWhere are the best and worst drivers in the UK? We find out.

Drivers in Yorkshire and the Humber have the best motoring skills in the UK it seems.

But their counterparts in North-east England fall short, according to exclusive data. 

This is according to findings from the MotorMate by smartphone app which monitors driving behaviour using GPS data.

Yorkshire motorists best in UK

How do drivers in your region rank compared to other areas of the UK? See the image below for the answer.

UK best and worst drivers medium teaser

How MotorMate works

The MotorMate app knows what road you're driving on so it monitors how motorists react to real-world driving conditions.

It takes into account anticipation, pace, acceleration, braking and cornering.

Each user is given an overall score between 0 and 100 after they have driven 200 miles, where 100 is the best score possible.

Drivers in Yorkshire and the Humber performed the best on average, with the highest-rated motorist in the region scoring 99/100.

However, in the North-east of England, the lowest scoring motorist scored just 28/100.

Rewards for good drivers

Lloyd Badran, spokesman for the MotorMate by smartphone app, says: "In general, driving well is synonymous with driving safely.

"And being a safe driver is what's going to get you the best MotorMate score.

"That's why we reward MotorMate users with discounts on their car insurance after they have driven 200 miles using the app.

"What's more, higher MotorMate scores will lead to improved discounts.

"We value customers who are making a conscious effort to improve their driving.

"We believe that MotorMate by is a valuable tool which can directly lead to reduction in bad driving habits."

How to be a better driver

Whether an inexperienced or a seasoned motorist, it's all too easy to pick up bad driving habits.

Badran has the following tips on how to be a better motorist:

  • In general, try and avoid hard braking. Sometimes it can't be helped, such as in the case of emergency stops, but try and keep hammering down on the brakes to a minimum. 
  • Accelerate progressively. Slamming your foot to the floor won't get you a high score.
  • Stick to the speed limits. It will not help your score to drive faster than you should.
  • Likewise, try not to drive too slowly. Be mindful of your environment – sometimes driving too slowly is as inappropriate as driving quickly.

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