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Combat rising fuel prices: sign the petition

Someone filling their car with petrolConcerned with rising fuel prices? So are we. Which is why we’ve joined forces with The Sun to combat the constant hikes.

DID YOU KNOW: Britons are forking out £12 million more a day to fill up than just a year ago? Fuel duty has gone up SIX TIMES since the height of the credit crunch in mid-2008. Unleaded petrol now averages an all-time high of 127.91p per litre. Diesel is 132.31p - more than £6 a gallon.

To make matters worse, these fuel hikes come hot on the heels of record rises in car insurance premiums. The Car Insurance Price Index showed the cost of cover rose almost 40 per cent in 2010, with the average annual premium now almost £700. Read more about that here.

On 1 April 2011, ministers plan to put duty up AGAIN by 1 per cent. Here at, we say “enough is enough!”

So we’d urge you to sign The Sun’s ‘Keep It Down’ petition.Together we hope to get this duty frozen or for the Tories to honour a pre-Election pledge for a fuel "stabiliser", which would cut duty when oil prices rise, and reinstate it when they go down.

Find out more about how a “fair fuel stabiliser” would work.

According to our marketing director Mike Hoban: “It’s our duty to our customers to ensure the best possible prices on their car insurance, and in the current financial climate we understand the added pressure rising fuel prices play for cash-strapped drivers. This issue concerns every motorist in Britain – so we’re proud to be backing The Sun’s campaign.”

Together, we can help drive fuel prices to a standstill, and make a real difference.


You can get a break down of how much you spend on petrol with our fuel cost calculator.

Please watch our 30-second guide for more information.