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Cluttered cars could increase cost of insurance

cluutered, carsCluttered cars could end up hitting your wealth as well as your health as the cost of meeting claims after an accident pushes up everyone’s car insurance premiums.

A fifth of drivers surveyed by admitted they had been in accidents caused by rubbish in their cars.

Gordon Malcolm, 34, from Oxford, ended up crashing into a wall when a gust of wind though an open window blew a crisp packet into his face.

Alex Moger, 32, from London, had a near miss with a truck when several empty cups and papers fell from the dashboard and the distraction caused him to cross into a lane of oncoming traffic.

Save money as well as lives

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at, said: “The cost of meeting claims after an accident contributes to all our car insurance premiums so decreasing accident numbers will save money as well as lives.”

“A clean car provides a safer driving environment which benefits all UK motorists.” surveyed 2000 drivers about the cleanliness of their cars as part of a new campaign to encourage drivers to spring clean their vehicles.

Almost a tenth admitted they have never cleaned the inside of their car and 50 per cent revealed they cleaned their car once a year or less.

Empty cans, bottles and chocolate wrappers are the most common items of rubbish, researchers found.

Grandmother Maureen Jones, 55, from Surrey, ended up in an accident after her grandson’s toy ended up by her feet.’s car insurance expert Gareth Kloet said this is a common example of accidents caused by unkempt cars.

“Untidy cars are literally littered with potential hazards,” he said.

“Empty cans risk becoming lodged under drivers’ control pedals and crisp packets blowing around in a moving vehicle can distract a driver’s attention.”

Spring clean your car for free

To celebrate the first day of spring on March 21, has teamed up with Total UK to offer motorists a free spring car clean.

Visit to download a voucher for and get some spring car clean tips.

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