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BRIAN the Robot & MC Romeo's rap-off's BRIAN the Robot has teamed up with So Solid Crew's MC Romeo to re-record garage classic "21 Seconds" with a car insurance twist.

This follows exclusive research by which found that almost a third of young drivers said they were unable to drive their vehicles due to difficulties buying car insurance.

To highlight the research, has launched an awareness campaign encouraging young drivers to "think insurance" before they buy.

21 Seconds to Quote


The "21 Seconds" campaign highlights the fact that by using the QuickQuote service, motorists can get a car insurance quote in as little as 21 seconds.

So motorists can get a car insurance quote while they're are out and about shopping for a new motor - and importantly, before they buy.

MC Romeo said: "There is a growing trend among the nation's boy and girl racers who have bought their dream set of wheels, but can't actually go anywhere.

"They have either been turned down for car insurance, or offered a quote that is too expensive.

"I hope the campaign raises awareness of the issue, and helps these car lovers get back behind the wheel."

Rap battle

After receiving a rap upgrade, BRIAN the Robot was also able to face off with MC Romeo in an off-the-cuff rap battle.

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