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17 reasons why the M4 is the best motorway in the UK

From London to west Wales, the M4 takes commuters on a majestic journey through Slough, Swindon and Swansea. Here's why it's the best.

The Severn Bridge and the M4 motorway

1. As soon as you hit the motorway the excitement starts:

2. Just you and the open road:

3. Miles and miles of open road:

4. It's got the celebs:

5. The wildlife:

6. The flash motors:

7. Not to mention Brentford:

8. And Reading:

9. Sure, a few motorists enjoy 'pudding' themselves about a bit:

10. And it can sometimes be an emotional ride:

11. With the occasional moment of high drama:

12. And the same boring traffic you get on the other motorways:

13. But most commuters enjoy a LOL:

14. Or two:

15. And there's always a chance to make new friends:

16. Plus the scenery is lovely:

17. And you can even tell your mates you've been abroad for the day:


Adam Davies

Adam Davies

Adam Davies is community manager at When he's not busy tweeting, he loves to write a 'listicle' or two. Read more from Adam