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12 very British parking fails

From balancing precariously on the edge of a kerb to parking slightly too close to another car, here are some very British parking fails.

1. This risk-taker living life on the edge.

Car parked on the kerb

2. This Mini with small car syndrome

A blue mini parked over two spaces

3. This jaunty angle.

Car parked diagonally in a small space

4. This half-in, half-out effort.

Green car parked halfway out a space

5. These Nissan cousins who want to be more than just distant relatives.

Two cars parked too close together

6. This (hopefully first) attempt.

A car parked diagonally over two spaces

7. This Ford Ka parked in a part of the country where pedestrians don't exist.

Car parked entirely across the pavement

8. These bumper buddies.

Cars parked so close their bumpers touch

9. This greedy Peugeot.

Badly parked car takes up two spaces

10. This gutter-hater in Hertfordshire, bringing new meaning to the Watford Gap.

Car parked half a metre away from the kerb

11. This David Blaine of cars. "And for my next trick...".

Mini parked on two wheels

12. This Jaguar's last-ditch attempt.

A badly parked car hangs over a ditch

These pictures were sourced using the #ParkingFail hashtag on Instagram and credit goes to the photographers.

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