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Police warning to drink drivers

Police are to crack down harder on drink drivers after a month-long campaign found 113 motorists to be over the limit, a chief constable warned.

The findings of the Cambridgeshire operation come as Julie Spence, head of Cambridgeshire Police, said police campaigns on drink drivers may need to be tougher.

However, the amount of drink drivers on the county's roads has dropped - with the 113 total being 20 fewer than in a similar campaign last year.

Mrs Spence said despite the drop in numbers, a "solid core" of motorists was still prepared to "take a chance".

"Clearly, there is a solid core of drivers who still believe that it's OK to take a drink and take a chance on not being caught," he said.

"Perhaps our campaigns need to be tougher, perhaps our public education programmes about the dangers of drinking and driving need to be more explicit.

"I confess that I don't have any magic answers."

The warning comes despite the DVLA saying that a drink-driving conviction can lead to higher car insurance costs or six months' prison.

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