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Can I transfer my no-claims bonus?

This week, the resident car insurance expert, Will Thomas explains the No Claims Bonus.

Question: Is my No Claims Bonus transferrable from person to person?

Answer: A No Claims Bonus is not generally transferrable from person to person, but there are some insurance providers who will do it.

Opening up a no claims bonus to named drivers could result in the clean claims record you have being brought into question and devalued. This is because it would become incredibly easy to add yourself onto a spouse or relative's policy with no intention of driving the vehicle but still allow you to build up no claims discount without actually doing any driving.

With shared vehicles, where driving is more equally split, this may seem unfair, but on the flipside, it also means people who are policyholders for other vehicles do not have their no claims bonus compromised by accidents they have in cars where they are named drivers.

Whilst the policyholder exclusively gets the discount, they are also the only people whose discount will suffer as the result of an accident; regardless of whether or not they are driving.

If this is something you decide you really want to do then there are specific insurance providers that offer no claims bonus for named drivers (Elephant, Direct line, Churchill*), but they cannot guarantee this no claims bonus will be recognised by other providers, and it is a long way away from becoming standard.

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*Correct at time of publication


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