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Our handy free apps can assess your driving style, help you find parking spaces or organise your house move.

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Get a car insurance quote in seconds with our free app. MotorMate

MotorMate by

What's your driving style? Test your driving with our free driving app and you could get discounts on your car insurance. HelpMeMove


HelpMeMove is an interactive online checklist for moving home that helps you get organised and counts down the days until moving day.

Talking BRIAN

Talking BRIAN app by

Hello fun seeking humans. You can now have your own Talking BRIAN on your mobile device! Download the FREE app here!

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Tools and calculators

Tools and Calculators

Looking for the best mortgage rate or a name for your car? We've got tools and calculators to help!


Check out our videos. We've got guides, entertainment, and - of course - hints on how to get cheaper car insurance.


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