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Video: 12.5% fall in car insurance costs

Gemma Stanbury head of car insurance at

Car insurance costs fell 12.5 per cent in the last three months of 2013, compared with the previous year. Gemma Stanbury, head of car insurance at, explains why in this video.

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'One in five drivers' open to black box

  •  15 Nov, 2013

Almost one in five drivers will consider getting a 'black box' fitted in their car when they next renew their insurance, new research suggests.

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Gender gap opens over car insurance costs

Woman taking drive with boyfriend

Figures published this week show a new gender divide has opened up over car insurance prices.

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A video guide to telematics car insurance

What is telematics car insurance?

Telematics is a recent development in car insurance that lets good drivers be rewarded with lower premiums. Our short video explains how it works and how it could save you money.

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How smartphone apps could cut life insurance costs

An iPhone

Would you share your personal data gathered by a smartphone app with insurers in return for cheaper life or car cover? 68 per cent of UK adults say yes.

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Cut the £5,000 cost of learning to drive

Learner driver L plate

Parents of new motorists face bills of almost £5,000 before their child is even qualified to drive, a new report suggests.

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Telematics tech behind the wheel and beyond

Cartoon car and speedometer. Telematics infographic teaser

Telematics is relatively new to the insurance industry, and it can help drivers young and old cut the cost of their premiums by proving they are good drivers. But how does it work? And where else is the technology used?

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Car insurance: Why your relatives are paying too much

Close up shot of coins flowing from a tap

Do you think some of your relatives might be paying too much for their car insurance? And what can you do about it?

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Car insurance: Is claiming always a good idea?

Dent in side of car

Is claiming on your car insurance always a good idea? Find out the pros and cons here.

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Telematics insurance: Are you a “good” driver?

A woman driving a car

An increasing number of car insurers are offering it, but would you have “black box” technology fitted in your car to assess your driving skills?

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