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Talking BRIAN app by

Talking BRIAN app

BRIAN the Robot

Hello fun-seeking humans. You can now have your own Talking BRIAN on your mobile device!

Do you want a talking micro-me on your mobile? Then you can download my free app here.

Say whatever you like and I will mimic you.

The app has a soundboard, with clips of things that I say. Such as 'Weeeee!', 'Ta da!' and 'Bye bye!' You can also record your own clips to the soundboard, and play them back again and again.


My app now features a new whack-a-rat game. Whack as many rats as you can before the time runs out but don't hit me! 

                 BRIAN whack-a-rat screen          Whack a rat

I calculate that this app will be a lot of fun for both small people AND adult humans!

Download my free app now, and it will leave you thrilled in bits!

Click below to download the app

                 Download the Android app

Meet BRIAN the Robot